Which is the best Parade Home Name?
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Portola (0) 0%
Sitka (2) 6%
Paraso Escondido (3) 9%
The Marseille (0) 0%
The Ventura (6) 19%
Contemporary Elegance (2) 6%
Ryker Chamberlin (1) 3%
The Garibaldi (1) 3%
Lake Pointe Retreat (5) 16%
The Quiescent (2) 6%
The Satori (1) 3%
Rusty Spur (2) 6%
Julie Rae (3) 9%
The Emily Ann (2) 6%
The Catalina (2) 6%

To see which builders the names are referring to check back soon.

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