Home Values by MLS Area

"Boise" is divided into different areas to segment the market. This helps with not only seperating home values but also home searches as each area within Ada County is unique. Search Boise Homes for Sale by Area

Ada County MLS Areas Map

North Boise

MLS Area 100

While there have been dramatic swings in home values between quarters, north Boise is relatively stable in terms of real estate values.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $401,500
  • Existing: $306,250

North Boise Idaho Home Values

Northeast Boise

MLS Area 200

NE Boise has remained strong and steady with popular areas like Harris Ranch and other Foothill communities.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $394,900
  • Existing: $361,500

Northeast Boise Idaho Home Values


Southeast Boise

MLS Area 300

Southeast Boise is popular with easy access to downtown Boise and Micron. The growth of the area has also spurred major department store to move in.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $293,500
  • Existing: $221,000

Southeast Boise Idaho Home Values


Boise Bench

MLS Area 400

The Boise Bench is best symbolized by the Boise Depot Train Station.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $212,900
  • Existing: $160,950

Boise Bench Home Values


SW Boise

MLS Area 550

SW Boise, south of I84, is popular for people who need a little more open space and don't need to be as close to retail areas.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $239,500
  • Existing: $199,000

Southwest Boise Idaho Home Values

West Boise

MLS Area 600

West Boise is most recognized for the area just north of I84 from Cole Rd to Eagle Rd. So within this area is St. Likes, The Mall, Cabellos and 100's of other stores and restaurants.

Q3 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $204,431
  • Existing: $169,435

West Boise Home values


NW Boise

MLS Area 800

The is basically from Boise River along State Street north into the Foothills

Q1 2015 Home Values

  • New Construction: $291,802
  • Existing: $227,500

Northwest Boise Idaho Home Values
source: Intermountain MLS


2015 Boise Home Values Report

Charts display average sales prices of new vs existing homes by quarter from 2005.

Ada County Home Values Summary Report-

Ada County Idaho Home Values

This chart clearly indicates that new construction is in demand. This may be influenced by the lack of inventory of existing homes and the quality of what is available for sale. Many home buyers have also gotten frustrated with the hype of finding a 'deal' whether it be a short sale or foreclosure which is why they decide to get what they want by buying a new home. With the overall lack of quality homes for sale in existing home, new homes for sale and builders have done well. 2015 should continue to see home values increase and new construction will more than likely thrive with the arrival of so many from out of state.

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