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Mila Rich, California Relocation, Eagle Real Estate

Mila Rich
Keller Williams Realty Boise
Email   208.949.6025

Laura Hipwell, Sotheby's International Realty. Boise Idaho Real Estate Agent

Laura Harris
Keller Williams Realty Boise
Email   208.989.5629   Profile

Trey Langford, New Construction Specialist

Trey Langford
Keller Williams Realty Boise
Email   208.724.9636

Build Idaho, Now Hiring Realty Agents

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Build Idaho Story

Before Build Idaho was the #1 home buyer resource in the Boise area, it evolved from an earlier site called The intention was to create a site where people could rate and reviews home builders they had built with. Two revelations came from this earlier site; one being, it was hard to get quality reviews, and secondly, people continously mis-spelled 'Credibility'.

It was also during this time Trey Langford developed a following from blogs he produced that provided readers in-depth reporting on the market and on youtube do to his interviews with local builders and other industry professionals. Some of the early videos were just podcasts and later he moved into video. It wasn’t long until the website started climbing in page views and audience size. Trey used this momentum to launch

Build Idaho soon incorporated more resources than any site providing visitors in-depth analysis of new construction and extensive home searches that you won't find on other sites. As Trey stated getting more and more inquiries for assistance, it only made sense to add real estate services as well.

As of recent, build Idaho has merged with Group One Sotheby's International Realty. The level of local marketing power Build Idaho brings complements the international reach of Sotheby's. The visibility his online marketing has given him has allowed him to improve video quality and reporting. You will also notice that the videos are much better that when he first started podcasting.

Our Team

The Idea Guy

  • Trey Founded Build Idaho and is the Guy that provides clients tours of Boise. Trey is Boise's most avid Blogger and Video Producer. 

The Shark in the Tank

  • Laura is Director of Sales and is responsible for all contracts. She loves to win for clients and she loves to be right.

The Creative Genius

  • Joey can literally take you places you have never been and make you look better than maybe you really do! Joey is up before the sunrises for a magnificent photo of Boise or shooting a new home for sale.

The Control Freak

  • Hilary's job is to manage chaos and solve problems. She ensures that everyone knows what to do and that it is getting done so every client has the same experience. 

The Vanna White of Home Touring

  • You can say "Give me 4 Bedrooms" and Mila will reveal for you what is available.

The Welcome Wagon

  • Michelle is the first person you will probably meet and she is super excited to help you explore Boise. And if you need a home, she can help with that too!


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Trey Langford

  (208) 724-9636

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