Building a new home with a builder is one of the most exciting accomplishments any homeowner can have no matter if it is your first home or your dream home. Many people though, never consider building a new home because they have no idea where to start or what it takes and settle for a used home. Some will get confused and overwhelmed along the way and give up while otheres persist and go to great lengths to reveiw every detail and design in the home. Your new home can be everything you want to meet your lifestyle and exceeds your expectations. Introducing Wah-la, the first step in having a clear understanding of your new home, what it is going to take and having a great experience building.

Wah-la uses Sweet Spot Technology© and is intended to help bring greater clarity to the process of building a new home You have many questions and right now you are probably imagining what it would look like but nervous because most you just don't know what it takes.

Others, will go go to great lengths to reveiw every detail and design the home of their dream, no mattter how much you decide to invest in a home that is what you want and design, meets your lifestyle and exceeds your expectations.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a preliminary budget and schedule for your new home. This process requires less than 10 minutes and upon completion of your new home profile, you will receive-

  • Three preliminary budget summaries including lowest cost solution, highest quality for the money solution and best in class available solution.
  • Detailed lot costs
  • Direct and indirect construction costs
  • Financing summaries
  • Interiors budgets
  • Out of pocket expense projections 

The reason we provide three preliminary budgets is because homeowners tend to be either lowest total cost solution, best total solution, or highest quality solution oriented. As such, we provide preliminary budgets for each orientation.

If you decide to continue, the preliminary budget expands and provides further analysis and details regarding your budget.

  • Detail cost analysis of your new home construction costs
  • List of potential subcontractors by line item
  • New home construction development schedule.

The purpose of this technology is simply to improve the new home building experience by setting valid expectations. The process of building a custom home can be fun or be a frustrating experience that most will not want to go through again. What makes the difference is the degree to which you have valid expectations and a complete understanding of the time, costs, and challenges involved with building a custom home. This process will go a long way to insure you have a very good experience.



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