Garden City Idaho Home Values

Garden City is a small area located beside downtown Boise. Homes range from mobile units to luxury homes on the Boise River. From the home values chart below, it is clear that the real estate bubble affected Garden CIty home values but not to the extreme that other areas were affected. Interest in Garedn City has increased with the addition of the Whitewater Park and its proximity to Boise. Also, the leadership of Garden City is working to make it a safe and wonderful place to live.

Home Values are changing as developers are creating places to live near the river like THe WaterFrton District and The One Nine. These modern homes situated next to the Boise RIver are creating a strong niche in Garden City.

2017 Garden City, Idaho Home Values Report
source Intermountain MLS

Median Home Values

  • New Construction: $195,539
  • Existing: $177,550

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