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Nov 30

Is the Trend your Friend? Here's what the numbers should tell you.

Predicting trends is like using the stock market's moving averages as indicators. Unlike fashion trends or building trends, the "sustainable" trend is not a new.

Nov 30

Creating Credibility from thin air

A boise real estate website claims to be "Voted #1 in the Treasure Valley"

Nov 30

Foreclosure and taxes

If you thought a bank foreclosure ended the financial miseries associated with your former home, think again. You could soon be hearing from the IRS about taxes due in connection with the residence you no longer own.

Nov 30

Why is my home so poorly constructed?

And how many more are like mine?

Nov 29

What are the differences between Systems Built Construction & traditional construction

Many of you are still wondering . . . okay what are the differences?

Entries 1-5 of 459
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