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Apr 01

How Do You Define Value?

I am frequently asked by prospective customers how much I charge per square foot. I recently taught an Institute of Residential Marketing course for Builders, Developers and Realtors. One of the chapters was titled Customer Value and Marketing and provided a methodology for measuring value other than by price per square foot.

Mar 31

Eaglefield Estates Subdivision- Eagle, ID

The subdivision is now recorded! A new opportunity in Eagle, Idaho whether you are an owner builder or general contractor.


Mar 30

A Credible Third Party Source for Estimating Exisiting Home Values

Here is a tool provided by a credible third party to help home owners estimate the value of their existing home.

Mar 29

(Pic) Blazing Internet Speeds of 1.2 Gbps (billion bits per second) from Space

Speeds like this use to require a tethered type connection ,like that of fiber optics. However, the goals of this new system aims to deliver monster speeds in the same way you watch TV. No Fiber Optics, no problem.


Mar 29

Your Opportunity to be Part of a Huge Global Event

I know it's late notice, but this is really important. There's a huge global event taking place tomorrow night, Saturday March 29th and you can be a part of it.

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