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Every builder will tell you they are different from every other builder and while this is true the differences can be slight and only visible in the mind. Builders today don't really build. They manage subcontracotrs who actually build homes. No one in Boise has their own concrete company that pours footings and a framing company, or dry wallers or painters or every other trade that helps create a new home. Some have a designer, although this is normally a sub-contractor as well.

At the end of the day, choosing a builder is a personal decision. After you weed out whom you would not want to build with and verified that the builders on your list are qualified, financially stable and are ready to buld your home it is based on whom you like best. This may not be the best way to decide but it is the most common. At some level, this is a business decision and  one should make the decision based on who can do the best job! It may be that the person with the most experience has no time to give you personal service while the new builder is eager to not only take care of you but build their reputation as well. You should be aware of these insights into choosing your builder.

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