2017 Top Boise Area Builders by Total Building Permits

Here is how many permits each builder pulled in Boise. This is Ada and Canyon County combined.

Top Boise Area Builders by Total Permits

CBH Homes/Corey Barton Homes Inc 1082
Coleman Homes LLC 294
Hayden Homes Idaho LLC 277
Hubble Homes LLC 276
Brighton Homes Idaho Inc 194
Tahoe Homes 176
Boise Hunter Homes 121
Biltmore Co 106
Todd Campbell Const Inc 93
Alturas Const 87
Tresidio Homes/Tresidio Corp 69
Berkeley Building Co Inc 59
Ted Mason Signature Homes Inc 53
Avimor Development LLC 45
Eaglewood Homes 45
Clyde Dev Inc 39
Riverwood Homes Inc 38
Dave Evans Const 36
Hallmark Homes 35
Solitude Homes 33
Paradigm Const 32
Bach Land Development/Bach Homes 31
Liberty Enterprises LLC 29
Shadow Mountain Const 29
Young American Homes Inc 29
Asbury Const 27
Stetson Homes 27
Envision Homes Inc 26
Summit Dev 26
Blackstead Building Company Inc 24
Peter Harris Const 23
Stacy Const 23
Ninety Degree Const 22
Tradewinds General Contracting 22
Trident Homes LLC 22
Tradition Custom Homes 20
Cotner Building Co 18
Pioneer Homes Inc 18
Big Springs Const 17
NHS Community Services LLC 17
Highland Homes LLC 16
Kevin Howell Const 16
TKO Homes LLC 16
MRH Homes LLC 15
Syringa Const LLC 15
Canyon Crest Homes 14
Jayo Const 14
Scott Tutt Building Co 14
Tradition Custom Homes Inc 14
Amyx Signature Homes 13
Clark & Co Homes 13
Hammett Homes 13
Prestige Homes 13
Triple Crown Const LLC 13
Wolf Building Co 13
Armada Homes LLC 12
Gardner Homes Idaho LLC 12
Idacal Properties LLC 12
Parkcrest Homes LLC 12
Roth Homes 12
Harding Homes 11
Heinz Built Homes LLC 11
L2 Construction Inc 11
Legacy Homes 11
Ramsey Const LLC 11
Emmett Price Homes 10
FMCI Inc 10
KW Homes Inc 10
Greencastle Building LLC 9
Intermountain West Homes 9
Mirror Homes 9
Red Oak Dev 9
Schroeder Enterprises Inc 9
Sunrise Homes 9
KB Financial LLC 8
O'Dwyer Signature Homes LLC 8
RSI Const 8
Toll Brothers Inc 8
Waltman Homes Inc 8
Zach Evans Construction Inc 8
Asin Homes LLC 7
Downey Const 7
Foothill Const LLC 7
Ideal Property Options LLC 7
Sherburne-Marrs LLC 7
Shiloh Builders LLC 7
Stanford Homes 7
Walker Building LLC 7
Cambridge Homes 6
Kouba Homes 6
Seidl Home Company 6
Bruno Built Inc 5
Core Building Co 5
Gardner Homes Idaho LLC 5
Status Homes LLC 5
Valli-Hi Custom Homes LLC 5
Christensen Homes 4
Northern Const 3
Roth Const Inc 2
Engineered Structures Inc 1

*includes Ada and Canyon County

source: Construction Monitor

Posted by tlangford at 1/25/2017 8:37:00 PM
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