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  • Chris Moeness
    Boise's Hardest Working Agent
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Chris Moeness
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Get to know Chris

Where are you from?
I was raised in Kansas City, MO. However I have lived all over in places like; Colorado, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

How long have you lived here in Idaho?
I have been calling Boise home now for 7 years.

Where is your favorite place(s) to visit in Idaho?
During the summer I like to go camping at Red Fish Lake and head up to McCall for their fireworks display. But during the winter skiing down Bogus Basini is the best.

Greatest Success in Real Estate?
Coming up with creative solutions is how I have had many of my successes in Real Estate come about.

Where do you go for a great meal?
I really like; IOU Sushi, Sa Wa Dee Thai, Ling & Louie's, and Rembrandt’s. Oh and my mom's house too, of course!


What is your greatest strength?
My ability to see the bigger picture is my greatest strength. After meeting with a new clients I try bring them relevant information that will get them to their end goal faster.


Favorite Quote?
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rules of Success. 1. Trust Yourself 2. Break Some Rules 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail 4.Ignore the Naysayers 5. Work Like Hell 6. Give Something Back.

Picking up and moving to another city or state can be daunting. After six of these moves myself, I’ve become a relocations specialist, and I’m here to help. If you’ve already made the choice to move to Idaho then congrats are in order. You are going to love the laid back lifestyle, easy access to the great outdoors, and four seasons to enjoy year round. Each neighborhood and community has a little something different to offer. So if you are ready to move, but not sure where to find your dream home in our dream city, call or email today and I’ll help you find just the right fit for your needs. Idaho is waiting – what are you waiting for?

I look forward to talking with you!


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