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1% Down

Introducing the Guild Down Conventianal Loan. Get 3-for-1.

  • You bring 1% down, and we'll add 2% more- no strings attached*
  • Move in with 3% equity for only 1% down payment
  • ideal for those with good credit who struggle with a down payment
Example Home Price 1% down payment +2% Guild gift 3% total move-in equity
200,000 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000
300,000 $3,000 $6,000 $9,000
400,000 $4,000 $8,000 $12,000


  • Minimum 680 FICO
  • Income Limit of 100% of area median income (no limit for properties in low-income census tracts)
  • Homeownership education course required
  • Not just for first-time homebuyers

Program Details

  • Guild downpayment assistance is a 2% grant to borrower that does not need to be repaid
  • Loan amounts up to $424,100
  • Cancellable, reduced mortgage insurance
  • Flexible underwriting includes income from non-borrower household members, borader & rental income
  • Condos OK

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James Beck
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*All Loans are subject to underwriter final approval, loan limit restriction based upon subject property state, terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice. Always consult an Accountan or Tax Advisor for full eligibility requirements on tax deductions. Eligibility for this non-repayable grant is subject to the Program guidelines. Changes to loan parameters including but not limited to loan amount, owner-occupancy status, loan to value, and other factors may render Borrower ineligible for the Program. The grant may only be used for the borrower's cash investment in accordance with the Program guidlelines. (617027)

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The Heffner Group
Terry Heffner NMLS#95796
Guild Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender, NMLS#3274

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