Meridian Idaho Real Estate

Meridian Idaho is the center of the Treasure Valley. Not long ago it was considered a suburb of Boise but it has grown and created its own identity.  Today there are major attractions like Roaring Springs, Harley Davidson Dealership, Majestic Theater, Wahooz and the new Meridian Village Shopping Complex. Additionally large emplooyers like Scentsy and Blue Cross that make the city an appealing business climate.

Meridian Idaho Real Estate

Interstate 84, Meridian Road and Eagle Road are known as the major thoroughfares and Meridian is easily navigated around to find places. There are only a few major streets that everything runs off of. Most services and shopping are located between downtown Meridian, Fairview and Eagle Road.

When you mention Meridian Idaho real estate, this area is a hub of activity. There are all varieties of homes including mobile home parks and master planned communities. New communities in Meridian have great curb appeal. As with other areas, Meridian was greatly affected by the real estate bubble bursting but not only did it reset home values, the competitiveness between builders and developments forced builders to load up homes with amenities and exterior design. For this reason there are many communities that are very nice.When you are looking ar real estate ask what the community has to offer as well. Many have pools and parks or are near such amenities. There are several large parks with baseball fields, skate parks and more scattered across the city.

Average Sales Prices

Review average prices of sold homes in Meridian by area. Prices are 2nd Quarter of 2015

$325,138 $266,880
$307,941 $312,344
$320,262 $236,966
$313,941 $216,328

source IMLS

Meridian Real Estate Report:

Southeast Meridian-

Southeast Meridian Idaho Average Home Values

Southwest Meridian-

Southwestt Meridian Idaho Average Home Values

Northeast Meridian-

Northeast Meridian Idaho Average Home Values

Northwest Meridian-

Northwest Meridian Idaho Average Home Values

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City of Meridian, ID

Pioneers years ago created rail and irrigation for the Meridian area and probably were very aware of the importance of how it would affect the development of the area but today, Meridian is a major hub of the entire Treasure Valley. Meridian ID real estate has therefore taken center stage. Meridian offers a diversity of property and home values but has really attracted middle income home buyers. There are many nice subdivisions and several have grand entrances but prices tend to be lower than Eagle or north and northeast Boise.

This may be in part that Meridian does not have direct access to some of the amenities like the Greenbelt or Boise River. It is however the place to be for activities with places like Roaring Springs, Wahooz, Big Al's and other entertainment venues.Over the last 10 years Meridian has seen much growth in residentail real estate. Master planned communities like Bridgetower and Paramount have created large communities that include schools, businesses and create it's own little economic world.

Much of the success of Meridian Real Estate can be attributed to the leadership of the local governing officials. They have been instrumental in attracting new businesses and making it easy to open shop.  Also, the affordability factor has helped. Again, middle income families seem to be attracted to here. When the market turned, competitiveness to develop nicer communities and well amenitiezed homes helped fuel sales and that standard has remained, though real estate prices have risen over the last two years.


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