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Idaho Relocation Guide

Why are so many moving to Boise? Bottom line, it's a great place to live.

Whether you are coming for a job, want a safer place to raise a family or looking for an affordable place to enjoy your retirement, Boise is just part of the amazing state of Idaho.

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Idaho Relocation Guide

Boise, Idaho is known for more than just its potatoes.


Boise offers a number of outdoor activities for everyone. Take a short drive or bike ride to the Idaho Penitentiary. It was originally opened in 1872 and housed some infamous felons. Now, the Penitentiary is historical hotspot for tales of death, crime, and wonder. There are even ghost hunts for the brave at heart. But don't stop there, directly behind the Penitentiary is a trail head that will take you on a relaxing hike to Table Rock. The locals know that this is one of the best places to see the sun set over the whole Treasure Valley. Standing at the top of Table Rock you forget downtown, shopping, and resturants are only five minutes away.

But, what if your not into the outdoors? That's totally fine. Boise has something for you too. Downtown Boise features great shopping with a city feel. The best part is going for a walk and discovering shops you regularly drive passed. Every Saturday the downtown area gets taken over and transformed into a farmers market. There are vendors selling organic foods, fresh flowers, art, and tons of other food options. The Saturday Market is in addition to the great shopping already there during the week. If you like to shop in a climate controled emviroment then Boise has something for you too. The Boise Town Square Mall is a great palce to shop for your favorite brands like Choach, Macy's, Abercrombie, H&M, Justice, Forever21, Dillard's, and Banana Republic just to name a few. Oh and did I mention the wide assortment of food choices? You have everything from McDonalds to Old Chicago.

Not into the outdoors or shopping? Boise has got more options for the discerning of taste. Like Wine? Then check out BodoVino. Located in the heart of downtown Bodovino offers a is a truly unique experiance. At Bodovino you can sample different wines from accross the world without the pressure of buying a whole bottle. They offer a self guided wine tasting everyday. The self guided tour works by you buying a card and putting money on it, then you pick your wine and choose 1oz, 3oz, 5oz. The amount you get and the amount you pay for is up to you. There are a number of great resturants in hotspots around town; East Boise has Locavor, North Boise has 13th St. Pub and grill, Downtown Boise has Red Feater, and that's not even close to mentioning the best Boise has to offer. Make a plan to take a food tour of Boise, you wont be sorry. Oh and check out the food truck too, you'll be suprised where good food hids.

But, what if the Arts are more your speed? Boise has The BAM (Boise Art Museum). The exhibits rotate regularly and they also through an annual festival, called Art in the Park, to celebrate the Boise artists community. Boise has the Boise Phillharmonic, Ballet Idaho, Shakespeare Festival, local theater productions, live music, comedy, but there is also The Edwards 21 and IMAX located close.

Sports, yup Boise has some of that too. In Boise you can find The Boise Hawks (baseball), The Steelheads (hockey), Boise State Broncos (football, basketball), and Boise State has large athletic departmet so Boise sports can keep you entertained throughout the year. 

Did someone tell you Boise was small? Well our friends Bake Shelton, Godsmack, Dierks Bently, Luck Bryan and the cast of Wicked don't think Boise is small. Boise is big enough to attract headliners but it's still small enough that every seat in the house is great. Oh and the kids might like to know that Boise is a official stop for the Disney on Ice.

Idaho Relocation Guide



Idaho Relocation Guide

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