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Middleton Idaho New Subdivisions

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Middleton New Subdivisions

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Middleton is a small town located near the Boise and Payette Rivers as well as between two mountain ranges. The city is mainly farmland so open space and the country life are prevelant here.


Middleton Idaho Home Value Trneds


Average Quarterly Sales Price of New and Resale Homes in Middleton, Idaho

Middleton Idaho Home Values
Source: Intermountian MLS

Middleton New Subdivisions

Middleton Idaho Subdivisions Available for New Construction

Middleton New Townhomes and Condominiums

Starting Home Values



Middleton New Entry Level Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Falcon Valley Subdivision
S of Purple Sage & E of Hartley
South of Hwy 44 and E of Duff Lane
Kingsbury Off Purplesage E of Kingsbury 1 $40k  

Middleton Lakes
S of City of Middleton Rd, off Middleton Rd

0.1+   $103k to $117k
Sherwood Estates
from Emmett Hwy, Eon Galloway, N on Gail
The Pines
South of Purple Sage on Middleton Rd,


Middleton New Move-Up Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home 

Butterfly Ridge Subdivision
On Wagner Rd, S of Sand Hollow (W of Hwy 30)
2.7- 3.7  $69k  
Desert Pine Estates
1.0- 1.56 $39k- $74k $242k
The Estates at Meadow Park
North of Wilis off Cemetery
0.48- 0.56 $45k- $89k  
Fox Ridge Estates/ Fox Meadows     $249
Kennedy Meadows Subdivision
Off Middleton Rd S of Foothill
0.19- 0.25  $69k  
Westwood Subdivision
3rd & Cemetery
0.2- 0.6  $58k- $75k  


Middleton New Upgrade Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Del Rosario Estates
S of Willis Rd, W of Hartley
2 $89k- $145k  
Moon Shadow Estates
off Duff Lane
1.06 $68k- $94k  
Star Gazers Subdivision
N of Hollow Rd & W of Harvey Rd
2.5- 5   $90k  
Thoroughbred Ranch
just east of Middleton, about 2 miles north on Duff Lane
1.24 to 5.9   low $300k

West Highlands Ranch
Willis Rd & Highlands Parkway



Middleton New Luxury Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Arroyo View Subdivision
Off Harvey Rd E of Freeze Rd
1.18± $59k  $419k
High Plains Estates
N of Middleton of Emmet Hwy, E on Shalako
8.0- 9.1 $175k- $299k $500k
Lansing Heights
from Emmett Rd, E on Galloway, N on Gail
1.18- 2.3 $100k  
Northslope Estates 
mile north of Highway 44 on the west side of Canyon Lane
 1.93    $475k
Pheasant Landing
north side of Galloway Rd., approximately ¼ mile east of the intersection at Middleton Rd
1.5- 2.7     $425k
Sage Canyon
Purple Sage & Blessinger
1.02- 2.71 $69k- $89k  
Off Lansing, N of Hwy 44
1.87- 1.98 $109k- $124k  
Taylor Ridge
old Hwy 30 N of Burger Lane
1 $59k- $89k  
View Ridge Estates 
Blessinger and Foothill Rd
0.78- 0.96  $155k $399k 
Willow View Subdivision
West side of Lansing Lane approximately ¾ mile north of Purple Sage
2- 2.59  $121k- $130k  
Crossfire Ranch
Hartley Rd & Willis Rd
1.6- 2 $79k- $145k   
Fieldstone Subdivision
west side of Hartley Lane, approximately ¼ mile south of Purple Sage  Rd
2 $160k   
Lakes at Telaga / New Castle Estates
west side of Kingsbury Road approximately ½ mile north of Highway 44
 0.50- 0.7    $569k
Rancho Vista
Lansing Lane & Quail Ridge
 1- 1.6 $144k- $145k  
Willis Creek Estates
Off Willis Rd, W of Emmett Rd @ Willis Creek
1.7- 2.56 $100k- $125k  

Middleton Subdivisions in Development

  Location Total
Wyatts Hollow On Lansing, south of Purple Sage
1 to 4 acre lots


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