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*Property Address*Directions/ LocationWhat do you feel is the #1 selling point of your lot?What other characteristics should we be aware of?*Have you had a survey completed on the Property? If yes, please provide details.*When a home is built, how is water to be delivered?If Well is already installed:1. What is the depth of the well?2. How many gallons a minute does it produce?3. Have you had the water tested in the last year?If No Well is installed- Have you conducted any prelimnary research or received any bids?If Septic is installed:1. When is the last time the Septic Tank was pumped and inspected?*Will your property serviced by:

Septic Proposed? Have you submitted any applications or completed any tests?*Is the land in City Limits?
*Is your land part of a Neighborhood Association
Annual Dues?What are the dues used to pay for? (community area, pool, park, other)Have your received any notification from any government agency, Local Improvement District?Are there any property boundary disputes? If yes, please explain.*Is there currently a loan on the property? If so, are the payments current?*Are there any liens or other ecumbrunces that may affect your ability to transfer title?Utilities
Is the location of the utilities marked on your lot?
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