All Companies are NOT created equal

Many companies claim experience and quality separate their business, while others leverage service as their competitive edge.The sharpest companies focus on finding their target customers, rather than solely competing on price!

The problem is that all companies claim to offer the best product at the best price with the best service.This is why your company's credibility is the most important factor in todays competitive market.

Referrals are the most preferred method for prospecting new clients. They have already developed a level of trust with your company and believe you can help them. But, how can a business capitalize on word of mouth advertising, which is the most credible and cost effective marketing, to drive business in a competitive market?

What your clients are expecting and are willing to stand by your product or service. You are willing to be rated and listen to feedback from your clients. You would challenge your competition to do the same!

92% of consumers make a purchase based on someone elses opinion


The Revolution

157x64_logo.gif launches a unique resource that will help consumers who are building a new home or remodeling their existing one find leading contractors and suppliers.

Two unique features you need to understand:

  • Identity Page This is a companys resume or bio that lists qualifications, credentials, success stories and more.
  • Credibility Score Ratings and feedback from a company's clients about their experience, similiar to the eBayTMconcept of rating sellers.

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