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Treasure Valley Schools


    Adams Elementary     1725 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise 
    Amity Elementary     10000 West Amity Road, Boise 
    Anser Public Charter     , Boise 
    Bishop Kelly High     7009 West Franklin Road, Boise 
    Boise Christian     219 N. Roosevelt, Boise 
    Boise High School     1010 Washington Street, Boise 
    Boise State University     1910 University Drive, Boise 
    Boise Valley Adventist     925 N Cloverdale Rd, Boise 
    Borah High     6001 Cassia Street, Boise 
    Capital High     8055 Goddard Road, Boise 
    Cecil D. Andrus Elementary     6100 Park Meadow Drive, Boise 
    Centennial High     12400 West McMillan Road, Boise 
    Cole Christian     8775 Ustick Rd, Boise 
    Cole Elementary     7415 Fairview Avenue, Boise 
    Collister Elementary     4426 Catalpa Drive, Boise 
    Cynthia Mann Elementary     5401 West Castle Drive, Boise 
    East Junior High     415 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise 
    Eliza Hart Spalding Elementary     12311 Braddock Drive, Boise 
    Fairmont Junior High     2121 North Cole Road, Boise 
    Fort Boise Middle/High     300 Fort Street, Boise 
    Franklin Elementary     5007 Franklin Drive, Boise 
    Frontier Elementary     11851 Musket Drive, Boise 
    Garfield Elementary     1914 Broadway Avenue, Boise 
    Hawthorne Elementary     2401 Targee Street, Boise 
    Highlands Elementary     3434 Bogus Basin Road, Boise 
    Hillcrest Elementary     2045 Pond Street, Boise 
    Hillside Junior High     3536 Hill Road, Boise 
    Horizon Elementary     730 North Mitchell Road, Boise 
    Jackson Elementary     334 South Cole Road, Boise 
    Jefferson Elementary     200 South Latah Street, Boise 
    Joplin Elementary     12081 West DeMeyer Street, Boise 
    Koelsch Elementary     2015 North Curtis Road, Boise 
    Lake Hazel Elementary     11711 Lake Hazel Road, Boise 
    Lake Hazel Middle     11625 LaGrange Street, Boise 
    Les Bois Junior High     4150 East Grand Forest Drive, Boise 
    Liberty Elementary     1740 South Bergeson Street, Boise 
    Longfellow Elementary     1511 North 9th Street, Boise 
    Lowell Elementary     1507 North 28th Street, Boise 
    Lowell Scott Middle     13600 West McMillan Road, Boise 
    Madison Elementary     2215 Madison Avenue, Boise 
    Maple Grove Elementary     2800 South Maple Grove Road, Boise 
    Maranatha Christian     12000 Fairview Ave, Boise 
    Marian Pritchett School at Booth Memorial     1617 N. 24th Street, Boise 
    McKinley Elementary     6400 Overland Road, Boise 
    McMillan Elementary     10901 McMillan Route 4, Boise 
    Monroe Elementary     3615 Cassia Street, Boise 
    Mountain Cove High     911 Mountain Cove Road, Boise 
    Mountain View Elementary     3500 Cabarton Lane, Boise 
    North (Boise) Junior High     1105 North 13th Street, Boise 
    Owyhee Elementary School     3434 Pasadena Drive, Boise 
    Parkcenter Montessori     649 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Boise 
    Pierce Park Elementary School     5015 Pierce Park Lane, Boise 
    Pioneer Elementary School     13255 West McMillan Road, Boise 
    Ridgewood Elementary     7075 South Five Mile Road, Boise 
    Riverglen Junior High     6801 N. Gary Lane, Boise 
    Riverside Elementary     2100 East Victory Road, Boise 
    Riverstone Community     5493 Warm Springs Ave., Boise 
    Riverstone Community     5493 Warm Springs Ave., Boise 
    Roosevelt Elementary     908 East Jefferson Street, Boise 
    Rose Hill Montessori     4603 Albion Street, Boise 
    Sacred Heart Catholic     3901 Cassia, Boise 
    Shadow Hills Elementary     8301 W. Sloan, Boise 
    Silver Sage Elementary     7700 Snohomish Street, Boise 
    South Junior High     805 Shoshone Street, Boise 
    St. Joseph Catholic     825 West Fort, Boise 
    St. Mark's Catholic     7503 Northview, Boise 
    St. Mary's Catholic     2620 W. State, Boise 
    Summerwind Elementary School     3675 Jullion Way, Boise 
    Timberline High     701 East Boise Avenue, Boise 
    Trail Wind Elementary     3701 E. Lake Forest Drive, Boise 
    Ustick Elementary     12435 Ustick Road, Boise 
    Valley View Elementary     3555 North Milwaukee Street, Boise 
    Washington Elementary     1607 North 15th Street, Boise 
    West Junior High     711 North Curtis Road, Boise 
    White Pine Elementary     401 East Linden Street, Boise 
    Whitney Elementary     1609 South Owyhee Street, Boise 
    Whittier Elementary     301 North 29th Street, Boise 
    William Howard Taft Elementary     3722 Anderson Street, Boise 
    Albertson College     2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell 
    Caldwell Adventist Elementary     2317 Wisconson Ave, Caldwell 
    Caldwell Alternative High     1117 Arthur St, Caldwell 
    Caldwell Senior High     3401 S Indiana Ave, Caldwell 
    Canyon Kindergarten     Route 3 Box 192A, Caldwell 
    Central Canyon Elementary     16437 Florida Ave, Caldwell 
    Gem State Academy     16115 S. Montana Ave., Caldwell 
    Glenn State SDA Academy     16115 Montana Ave, Caldwell 
    Jefferson Junior High     3311 S Tenth Ave, Caldwell 
    Sacajawea Elementary     1710 N Illinois Ave, Caldwell 
    Syringa Middle     1100 Willow, Caldwell 
    Van Buren Elementary     516 N 11th Ave, Caldwell 
    Washington Elementary     1500 Fillmore St, Caldwell 
    Woodrow Wilson Elementary     400 E Linden St, Caldwell 
    Woodrow Wilson Middle     400 E Linden St, Caldwell 
    Cascade Elementary & High     209 School St, Cascade 
    Eagle Elementary     475 North Eagle Road, Eagle 
    Eagle High School     574 N. Park Lane , Eagle 
    Eagle Hills Elementary     650 Ranch Drive, Eagle 
    Eagle Montessori     655 S. Rivershore Lane, Eagle 
    Eagle SDA Elementary     538 W State, Eagle 
    Seven Oaks Elementary     1441 Sevenoakes Way, Eagle 
    Black Canyon Alt     315 S John's St, Emmett 
    Brick Elementary     498 W Idaho Blvd, Emmett 
    Butte View Elementary     400 S Pine Ave, Emmett 
    Emmett High     721 W 12th St, Emmett 
    Emmett Middle     301 E 4th St, Emmett 
    Hanna Elementary     3600 Hanna Ave, Emmett 
    Fruitland Elementary     401 Iowa St, Fruitland 
    Fruitland High     501 Iowa St, Fruitland 
    Fruitland Middle     500 S 3rd St, Fruitland 
    Foundations Academy     202 East 42, Garden City 
    Garden Valley     Banks Lowman Rd, Garden Valley 
    Lowman Elementary     School St, Garden Valley 
    Horseshoe Bend Elementary     116 School Dr, Horseshoe Bend 
    Horseshoe Bend High     116 School Dr, Horseshoe Bend 
    Basin Elementary     101 N Elk Creek Rd, Idaho City 
    Idaho City High     100 Centerville Rd, Idaho City 
    Hubbard Elementary     311 Porter Rd, Kuna 
    Indian Creek Elementary     911 W 4th St, Kuna 
    Kuna High     1360 Boise St, Kuna 
    Kuna Junior High     441 E Porter Rd, Kuna 
    Ross Elementary     610 N School Ave, Kuna 
    Marsing Elementary     Hwy 78, Marsing 
    Marsing Middle     Hwy 78, Marsing 
    Marsing Senior High     Hwy 78, Marsing 
    Chaparral Elementary     1155 Deer Creek Lane, Meridian 
    Chief Joseph Elementary     1100 East Chateau Drive, Meridian 
    Crossroads Middle     650 North Nola, Meridian 
    Lewis & Clark Middle     4141 East Pine Street, Meridian 
    Linder Elementary     1825 Chateau Drive, Meridian 
    Mary McPherson Elementary     1050 East Amity Road, Meridian 
    Meridian Academy     2311 East Lanark, Meridian 
    Meridian Elementary     48 West State Avenue, Meridian 
    Meridian High     1900 West Pine Street, Meridian 
    Meridian Middle     1507 West 8th Street, Meridian 
    Peregrine Elementary School     1860 Waltman Street, Meridian 
    River Valley Elementary     2900 East River Valley Street, Meridian 
    Stonehouse Christian     1450 N 10 Mile Rd, Meridian 
    Middleton Heights Elementary     611 N Highland Dr, Middleton 
    Middleton High     511 W Main St, Middleton 
    Middleton Middle     200 S 4th Ave W, Middleton 
    Mill Creek Primary     500 N Middleton Rd, Middleton 
    Academy 2000     470 N 3rd E St, Mountain Home 
    East Elementary     775 N 10th E St, Mountain Home 
    Mountain Home Junior High     1600 E 6th St S, Mountain Home 
    Mountain Home Senior High     300 S 11th E, Mountain Home 
    North Elementary     290 E 12th North St, Mountain Home 
    Prairie Elementary     Prairie Stage, Mountain Home 
    West Elementary     415 W 2nd N, Mountain Home 
    Liberty Elementary, Mtn Home AFB     200 Gunfighter Ave, Mountain Home Afb 
    Mountain Home AFB Junior High     300 Main Ave, Mountain Home Afb 
    Stephenson Middle     300 Gunfighter Ave, Mountain Home Afb 
    Centennial Elementary     522 Mason Ln, Nampa 
    Central Elementary     1415 5th St, Nampa 
    East Canyon Elementary     18408 Northside Blvd, Nampa 
    Greenhurst Elementary     1701 Discovery Pl, Nampa 
    Iowa Elementary     626 W Iowa, Nampa 
    Lincoln Elementary     212 Central Canyon, Nampa 
    Nampa Christian     439 W Orchard Rd, Nampa 
    Nampa Senior High     203 Lake Lowell Ave, Nampa 
    Parkridge Elementary     3313 Parkridge, Nampa 
    Parkview Primary     609 15th Ave N, Nampa 
    Sherman Elementary     1521 E Sherman Ave, Nampa 
    Snake River Elementary     500 Stampede Dr, Nampa 
    South Middle     229 W Greenhurst, Nampa 
    St. Paul's Catholic     1515 8th Street South, Nampa 
    Sunny Ridge Elementary     506 Fletcher Dr, Nampa 
    Teen Parent High     844 Deerborn, Nampa 
    West Middle     808 Central Midland Blvd, Nampa 
    Zion Lutheran     1012 12th Ave Rd, Nampa 
    Maxine Johnson Elementary     607 E McConnell St, Parma 
    Parma High     908 N 8th St, Parma 
    Parma Middle     905 E McConnell St, Parma 
    Star Elementary     700 North Star Road, Star 
    Holmes Elementary     210 East A Ave, Wilder 
    Wilder Middle High     210 East A Ave, Wilder 


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