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Not all Idaho Realtors are alike? You would not go to your family doctor for heart surgery. So why would you expect all Boise Agents to all have the same skills

Idaho Certifed New Home Specialist Real Estae AgentMany aspects of real estate are fairly striagh forward and your average Boise Idaho Real Estate Agent can take care of you. We wrote an earlier Idaho Real Estate blog post about how they all charge 6% to the seller no matter if they are green or very experienced. So if you are needing a buyers rep or an agent to sell your home, you should hire the best person for the job, not the person necessarily you like the most.

There are many specialist out there. There are short sale experts, foreclosure experts, new home purchasing Realtors and Investor property agenst. Make sure you understand what area of expertise your agent has. If you are going to buy a building lot that is not in a subdivision, do you know what to look for and questions to ask. If you are working with an Idhao Real Estate agent with no experience in buying land far from city services, can they be a n asset to you?

Understanding short sales is its own world. Most Idaho Real Estate agents won't do them for a reason, they are hard and frustrating for both the real esatate agent and the buyers.

Do you homework and make sure you know what experience and expertise your agent brings to the table. If you just need someone to write an offer and get all the contracrts correct, anyone should be able to do it. If it is a special purchase find an expert!

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