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Avimor- The close to nature, close to town community

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Avimor is the best of both worlds. It?s a tight-knit, friendly neighborhood with all the conveniences and entertainment of city life just a short drive away. It has a pool, sports fields, stocked ponds, an amphitheatre and plenty of regular community activities. The homes are modern, energy efficient, and affordable, starting in the $130,000?s, including the lot.


Conservation, education and outdoor enthusiasts are all key components.

By Dusty Parnell
Idaho Statesman

Avimor is the best of both worlds.
It’s a tight-knit, friendly neighborhood with all the conveniences and entertainment of city life just a short drive away. It has a pool, sports fields, stocked ponds, an amphitheatre and plenty of regular community activities. The homes are modern, energy efficient, and affordable, starting in the $130,000’s, including the lot.

At the same time, Avimor is surrounded by the pris- tine beauty of the foothills with wildlife and open space in all directions. There are miles and miles of hiking, biking and horse trails. Many families head out for camping trips from their own front door.

And it’s all wrapped up in one complete package.
“The Avimor lifestyle is all about getting back in touch with nature and the relationship we have with nature,” said Avimor General Manager, Dan Richter. “We’re not just energy efficient with respect to our home design and water recycling systems. We also help revitalize nature with our many programs. Our mission statement is to give back to the natural environment that is all around us,” he said. “We even have our own Conservation Director.”

The Avimor Stewardship Organization is tasked with two main goals. The first is to build a sense of community with an environmental focus around a conservation theme. The second goal is to constantly monitor and improve the first goal.

“It’s a lifestyle built around enjoying and preserving the foothills with an education of the surrounding envi- ronment,” said Charlie Baun, the community’s Conservation Director.His duties cover a wide variety of activities, including landscaping and plant revitalization, educational programs, wildlife monitoring and neighbor get-togethers and social activities. “We try to live with nature rather than alter it,” Baun said.
It starts with design.
“We have a commitment to the environment here at Avimor— no net loss of habitat,” Richter said. “That’s a big thing for us. Habitat that is impacted by development is offset with habitat in suitable open space.
In fact, nearly 70 percent of this wide-reaching development will remain open space.
“Even when Avimor is built out 40 years from now, we’re still going to have 25 square miles of open space on private land,” Richter said. “This is a long-term commitment to conservation of open space. It’s all about creating an affordable sustainable foothills lifestyle. And the same lifestyle that’s out here today will still be here 40 years from now.”

Another environmental concern when it comes to foothills development is water.
“Our homes use 30 percent less water than the standard home built to code,” Richter said. “We recycle the water in our treatment plant for irrigation of common areas. And as Avimor grows, we’ll have more reclaimed water than we can use. We’ve planned for that, too. We have ways to store that water so it doesn’t go to waste.”

“New homes at Avimor include landscaping of the entire yard, front and back,” Baun said. “We use native and drought tolerant plants and turf with water efficient irrigation systems.”Avimor is also a certified Firewise Community, a recognition given to communities that implement progressive fire preventive measures that include buffer zones, appropri- ate landscaping and fire-resistant construction materials. Even the many trails throughout the foothills are useful as fuel breaks to control wildfires.

“From its inception, Avimor has been built as a development that sets benchmarks for responsible planning and integrated design,” Baun said. Not only has Baun spoken at a national Firewise con- vention, but he also speaks with Avimor residents about preserving the buffer zones with proper design, land- scaping and other aspects. That’s where Baun’s other role comes into play.

The Avimor lifestyle is built around conservation, but a key component of that is education in conjunction with an endless number of projects. It begins with wildlife habitat. Education can range from teaching outdoor enthusiasts about noxious and invasive weeds to organizing projects that attract vari- ous kinds of wildlife. One recent project helped restore natural habitat by planting 1,500 bitterbrush plants. Deer love to munch on that.

Another project focused on plantings to attract butterflies.
In 2009, Avimor, with a grant from Cornell University, taught kids from around Treasure Valley about urban birds. They worked on bird crafts and learned about the plants and trees which can be planted to attract various species.

Avimor’s location along a migratory path makes it one of the most prolific places for bird sightings. The website lists about 120 birds you might see on one of the regularly scheduled bird-watching hikes.
There have been at least eight Eagle Boy Scout projects at Avimor, ranging from building and installing birdhouses to new trails, bridges and information kiosks. Some Eagle projects have had as many as 400 volunteers.

There are several bike races held at Avimor every year, and the Knobby Tire racing group and the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA) get involved with trail building and maintenance.
On weekends, you might see as many as 20 to 30 horse trailers at Avimor. Equestrian groups also get involved in trail projects.

Volunteers from around the area are all invited to par- ticipate in projects. Avimor is all-inclusive. The public is welcome to use the trails and participate in projects, like the annual winter game count Baun conducts. Baun is also the Art of Living Director, and he organizes regular social get-togethers throughout the year. “Entertainment, conservation and education, all wrapped up in one package — with plenty of healthy exercise as an added bonus,” Baun said.
“Everybody wants to give back, and if you can have fun and give back at the same time, what could be better?” Richter asked. “It builds a camaraderie and pride in the neighborhood. It builds community. We’re not just neighbors that live next door to each other, we really ARE a community.”

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