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The latest reports shows demand continues as supply of houses for sale remains low

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The Intermountain MLS released the latest numbers on home sales and houses listed for sale on the MLS with another strong report. The Boise Real Estate market is again a sellers market with only 3.4 months of inventory, a normal market has 6 months of inventory.

At the end of July there were 2,161 homes for sale listed on the MLS in Ada County. While that may seem like a lot, most industry professionals say that there are not a lot of 'good' homes to choose from and therefore when they do come on the market, they go quickly.

In July 2011, there were over 2,500, another indicator that the market is strong, and since then the average price of a home has increased $20,000.


If you are in the market to buy a home, be ready to purchase. With good homes going fast, you should have financing ready to go and be prepared to make a creative offer. The more flexible you can be, the better your chances of getting the house. For example, I made an offer on a house and told the family that we could close whenever they were ready. They did not have to wait on me, nor was I asking them to move before they were ready,

Just because the market is hot is no reason to settle or make a rash decision. There are plenty of homes out there and new ones come on hte market every day. There are also homes for sale by owners and sometimes just talking to people you can learn about an opportunity.

Many people are also turning to new construction. Why wouldn't you consider a new home? The ability to move in quickly or design the home the way you want it is a great alternative to buying a used home. Plus you can live in a community with pools, waterfront lots and many more amenities.

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