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The process of selecting a builder for our new family home.

Before I begin with the first post in this series following the construction of our new family home, I want to thank Trey Langford of for this opportunity.

Trey and I met a few years ago at a Boise area business seminar and quickly developed a mutual interest in the success of our respective businesses. Since Trey began, I’ve been an advocate for his business and feel it provides a valuable service for people looking to buy property or choose a builder for a new home they would like constructed.

After purchasing a vacant lot in West Boise late last year, my wife and I began our quest to locate a home builder. We asked friends and family members for referrals, but we also looked to I knew Trey’s website was an excellent resource to locate a builder and learn more about them before we decided to contact them.

After doing research online, including information gathered from, we settled on three builders to interview. We talked to each of the builders and visited some of the recent homes they built to get a sense of their style and quality of construction. In the end decided to work with Scott Flynn of Flynner Homes.

For my wife and I, choosing a home builder had to meet three criteria:

  1. Quality of construction
  2. Style
  3. Ability to work with the builder

Scott was able to demonstrate all three and more importantly he was able to demonstrate a willingness to be flexible on several fronts, especially when it came to the floor plan we chose. As an added bonus, we were especially intrigued by Scott’s method of building Certified Green / Energy Star-Compliant homes at a cost lower than other home builders.

Starting last week we broke ground on our new construction and the foundation has been poured. In the weeks ahead, as things take shape, I’ll have more updates and will discuss all the interesting twists and turns building a new home with a local builder will bring.

Posted by Justin Beller at 5/25/2009 5:51:00 PM
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Re:Choosing a Home Builder

I look forward to following your journey. We want ot know it all- the good, the bad the ugly. What problems you overcome and what goes easier then expected. And at the end we want ot know if you got what you expected and if you would do it again.
Posted by on 5/28/2009 8:28 PM
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