3 Questions that can Save You Thousand of Dollars on your Next Home Purchase

When it comes to buying a home, there’s one thing that everybody has in common. They want the best price. While it is clear that buying a house will always be an expensive endeavor, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most bang for your buck. With that, we’ve put together the top three questions for you to ask that can help save you thousands of dollars when you purchase your home. 

First, everybody wants something. What does the seller need from you, the buyer, to help them accept your offer? You might think the obvious answer is more money, but that isn’t always the case. In some instances, a seller may be time motivated. They might want to be moved out of their current home as soon as possible and that can be to your benefit if your timeline matches with theirs. Or, if your timeline is flexible, that can also be of note to the seller. Another thing a seller may be considering is that they want to sell to a local buyer. They don’t want to sell their home to a complete stranger who isn’t familiar with the area. So, if you’re from the area, that might be a great way to leverage it. 

Next up, what if you’re building your dream home instead of buying one from a previous owner? Do builders offer incentives? The answer is often a yes. A lot of builders have offered to absorb closing costs in order to garner more future business for themselves. Buying a home is all about finances, and a possible incentive from the buyer might be to offer an exceptional builder warranty. Long term financial peace of mind is vital for someone building their new home, and builders might add on a long-term warranty to give peace of mind to the buyers. Another possible incentive is to offer free upgrades during the construction, this might include deluxe appliances, better countertops or cabinets in the kitchen, or just other standard upgrades that would otherwise be an additional cost. 

Lastly, technology has allowed us all to do a lot of things over the phone, through email or text rather than face to face. And while that is certainly more convenient in a lot of situations, there are some instances that still call for in-person interactions. When it comes to presenting your offer to the seller, ask your agent to do it in person. What do you think will make a bigger impact? A 7-page legal contract over email, or presenting your offer face to face? 

Overall, understanding the seller's or builder’s needs beyond monetary considerations can greatly strengthen your offer's appeal. Whether it's a swift transaction, flexible terms, or catering to their preferences, accommodating these factors can make your offer stand out.


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