4 Tips for Organizing Your Home

Your home is full of stuff. The longer you live in a home or apartment, the more stuff you acquire. The problem is: you never truly know how much stuff you own until you move or decide to do a deep clean. Before you move, you need to make your home showroom ready for potential buyers. Use these 4 home organizing tips to as a checklist for getting started.

Create a sorting and organizing system

Start by deciding which room to start in. The living room may be a good place to start, since a crowded living room is a common source of subconscious stress. Other crowded culprits are usually bedrooms and garages.

From there, decide how you want to organize and remove items. Starting with items you haven’t used in a year or more is usually a solid starting point. If your decorating or personal style has changed, remove items that no longer fit the current look and consider donating them. If possible, take what you can to a consignment shop to make some quick and easy cash. Whatever the consignment shop doesn’t take, you can donate to a charity organization.

Open vs hidden storage

Open storage is great for decorations, accent pieces, and making a statement. They help keep things organized and within reach while adding to the overall design of the room. These include:

  • Shelves
  • Built-ins
  • Fireplace mantles
  • Coffee tables

Hidden storage is where you hide items that aren’t used very often like blankets, games, and kids toys. These include

  • Ottomans
  • coffee tables with cabinets
  • under the couch
  • Hide/consolidate small things

It’s never large items that clutter up the room. It’s a bunch of little things that can overwhelm a space. Leaving items like coasters, TV remotes, and gaming controllers all over the room create a mess in an otherwise clean area. Putting these items in a drawer, bin, or on a shelf can easily keep things tidy. In addition, too many stacks of things on shelves or mantles can give the illusion of clutter. Reduce the size and number of stacks to give the shelves and walls more space to breathe.

Get a label maker

As you separate items into their new places or storage bins, clearly labeling them will make your life easier. Label makers are easy to find and have gotten very affordable. From there, you can easily find collections of smaller items as mentioned above. Labels can also be useful for putting things away in your new home when you move.

Seasonal swap

If you live in a place like Idaho that experiences all 4 distinct seasons, you have separate sets of clothes depending on where the weather is headed. As summer cools down to fall and winter, take some time to look at all of your winter clothes. Make sure they still fit and that you plan to use them. If not, follow the steps of the first point. You’d be surprised how much space winter clothes take up when you pare down the wardrobe

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