5 Important Things To Do Immediately After Buying A House

The things you do immediately after buying a house are often just as important as the things you did before it. Below is a list of essential tasks that you’ll need to carry out as soon as you get the keys to your new residence. Luckily, these are easy, but take a little time to ensure they are done properly and reduce future headaches.

Switch Your Locks

This is arguably the number one thing you should do after moving in. You won’t know the number of people who have keys to the property, and switching the locks immediately ensures that none of them will show up unexpectedly and enter while you’re away. After the locks have been changed, make multiple keys for everyone living there and keep a spare outside the property in a secure location so you’re never locked out.

Activate Your Utilities

You’ll need to make sure that the utilities that were in the name of the previous owner have been turned off and switched over to you. This is extremely important; otherwise, the power, water, or gas company might try to bill you for services you didn’t use. To avoid interruptions and downtime when switching residences, you will need to schedule the switch in advance, at least a week, that way you don’t have to worry about making an appointment. The technician might also need to visit your property so either you or another authorized party should be present. Also, make sure that the utilities from your old home are switched off and are out of your name.

Forward Your Mail

You’ll want to contact the USPS and notify them that the mail from your previous residence should be forwarded to the new one. There is a form you can fill out online which simplifies the process, but it is important to remember that, in most cases, mail forwarding will automatically terminate after a year has passed, so requesting it should be done at the same time you switch your address.

Switch Your Address

Shortly after moving into your new home, you’ll need to contact multiple parties to notify them of your address change. This includes relatives, friends, employers, the Department of Motor Vehicles, your bank or brokerage company, insurance firms, online retailers, and subscription services. Failing to do this quickly can lead to a number of headaches and delays since your mail will continue to be sent to your previous address. Take note of mail that has been marked as forwarded to your new address and make sure to update it to your new home.

Clean the Premises

While it is in good taste for the seller to clean up their property before moving out, don’t assume they will do it. They might be lazy or too preoccupied and if you purchased the home at an auction the previous owner was probably forced out which means that the house might be dirty, damaged, or in disarray. You might have to spend the first few days cleaning up the premises, and if you’re not inclined to do this yourself you can hire a professional cleaning company for a fee. Areas that require special attention include the bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement, chimney, and dryer vents. Cleaning up will be a given if you are putting in new floors, countertops, or other updates before you move in. The crews that do the installation may clean the area they worked on, but the dirt and dust from that renovation may likely spread to other rooms in the house.

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