5 Things to know about your New Home purchase

Ready to buy or build a new home in Boise, Idaho? Here are 5 ideas to help reduce the stress involved.

  1. A Buyers Representative
    They will do the fun stuff with you like show homes and educate you about buying a home. They also help you understand contracts, oversee deadlines, and ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.
  2. Buy a home because you love it and intend to be there for the foreseeable future, not as an investment. You will be a lot happier in the long run. Otherwise, you are on Zillow every week stressed out.
  3. Less is more. Buy what you need and can afford now with reasonable expectations for your future needs. Energy costs are not going to come down anytime soon. But maybe you really could live in 1,800 ft2 just as well and the savings would allow you to make other purchases throughout the year or a longer vacation.
  4. What are your must-haves? Most people did not grow up in a house with granite countertops and they came out just fine. Extreme Theater Rooms are something that has evolved in the last decade. Admittedly, most people watch a lot of TV and should be able to enjoy it but let's face it there are much better things to do.
  5. Location. Location Location. The latest buzzword in real estate is lifestyle. Many areas in Boise, Idaho have different amenities, features, and shopping. Do you bike or like to walk in the mall in the morning? Give yourself a break and live close to your favorite activities. You could even find affordable housing within walking distance of the Boise River

Think it through and plan ahead. Make your house a place that works for the rest of your life.

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