A Zeal for Roof Appeal

A well insulated home will prevent snow and frost from melting on the roof top.

Welcoming the holidays, it snowed in the mountains this week! Does this bring you high Heating Bills? Full of hot air? All that hot air rises, then escapes! If a home is not properly sealed and fully insulated heat escapes through the roof, which costs you money.

One sure way to tell is just look around on a cold morning and the visual is effective enough. Some roof tops have snow and frost through the morning until the sun melts it off. When snow and ice is melting as a result of warmth from the attic, that's just money going out the roof. Its easy to solve, and there are many professionals in the valley to help you seal and insulate your attic. A visual inspection can be done just by looking in the attic to see what's up there, but sealing is a little more difficult.

Any holes from conduits, heating equipment, beams and doors or windows need to be air tight. Whether you have a home or are considering buying one, real value comes from a home that will provide you shelter from the weather. Wrap your home in a thick blanket of insulation, and make sure its wearing a good hat!

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