April is New Homes Month

In April, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) celebrates New Homes Month. In addition to all the benefits of being a homeowner, new homes offer safety, energy efficiency amenities, and a lifestyle like never before.

The advantages of today’s new homes are unparalleled. New technology has brought safety and energy efficiency in homes to a new level, and for conveniences and amenities, it’s hard to beat a new home.

A home is more than just a structure where people take up residency. For most people, owning a home means freedom, financial independence, and security. For many, owning a home brings a feeling of success and the knowledge that they’ve obtained their own piece of the American dream.

And of course, a home, well, there’s no place quite like it!

Technology Brings Safety to the Forefront

Technological advances mean that today’s homes are safer because new homes take advantage of breakthroughs in building science. For example, hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms bring a new level of fire safety to new homes. If one alarm goes off, they will all go off, giving your family ample time to get to safety. New fire-resistant construction materials mean less chance of a fire. Tempered glass, now found in all doors and many windows, means less chance of an injury should one break.

New Homes: Greener and More Energy Efficient

Many builders participate in programs like ENERGY STAR®, promoting energy-efficient building practices. The homes they build feature improved insulation, high-efficiency furnaces and air-conditioners, better ventilation, and energy-efficient windows.

As more and more consumers ask for green homes, builders are responding by adopting green building guidelines and incorporating healthy, nontoxic, sustainable building materials into the homes they build. Earlier this year, NAHB launched the National Green Building Program so that any home buyer anywhere can have a green home without significantly increasing the cost. Your home builder can choose from an ever-expanding array of products and materials to make a house more energy-, water- and resource-efficient. To learn more, visit nahbgreen.org.

Innovations like insulation made from recycled materials, tankless on-demand water heaters, and solar shingles (not just solar roof panels) are also changing the market.

New Homes Offer Home Buyers Their Choice of Lifestyles

Today’s new homes offer more of what buyers want. Because of increased demands for larger socializing spaces in the home, larger kitchens are becoming more common. New homes also feature more bathrooms and more storage space. Consumers are seeking greater ceiling heights, walk-in showers with multiple heads, three-car garages and outdoor entertainment spaces with fireplaces and grills. Builders are responding with new homes that provide these features.

So why do Americans like new homes?

The answer lies in choice. People want to personalize their homes with their own tile, flooring, and appliance choices. In a new home, consumers can select virtually everything down to the knobs on their kitchen cabinets. It’s all part of the American Dream.

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