Are you shopping for a home builder?

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Does the builder have a passion for the job or is it just another day at the office?
  2. Does the builder use quality energy-efficient materials?
  3. Does the builder use qualified and time-tested professionals?
  4. Is the builder certified by the State of Idaho and insured to do business?
  5. Is the builder approved by your mortgage company?
  6. Most mortgage companies will require the builder to be approved by them for you to obtain a loan for your new construction.
  7. Does the builder personally get involved?
  8. Can you talk to the builder directly?
  9. Does the builder have a sense of taste for design and interior decorating?
  10. Does the builder offer a warranty? If so, do you have to wait weeks or months for a problem to get fixed?

Check out the Builder Directory for active builders in Treasure Valley

We have a list of builders that we have worked with that met our statndards:

  1. Completed the home on time
  2. Quality Construction
  3. Stayed on the client's budget
  4. AND MOST Importantly, the builder was a great communicator.

If we can help you find your builder to build the home you would like, reach out to us.

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