Building Lot Selection

There are critical first steps in building your Idaho Dream Home. The first two big ones are somewhat obvious.

  1. Lot Size
    Is the lot the right size for what you intend to build? If the square feet are there, are the dimensions correct? Also, how big of a backyard do you need and space for a shop?
  2. Lot Location
    One of the biggest fatal flaws is not recognizing which direction the home will face and if there are any consequences. What if it faces the setting sun in August and gets too warm all summer with desert heat? Check out your lot so that your house will save energy all year just based on the direction it faces. Or does it need to be designed to take advantage of the view available?

Some additional building lot details not to overlook:

Idaho is known for its springs and many homeowners find out the hard way that even in the desert there is a water table. As a matter of fact, have you heard of a subdivision called "Hidden Springs?"

Building Restrictions
Check zoning codes, CC&R's, and other restrictions for the area. Don't get caught off guard when you want a shed, chickens, RV garage, or other amenity that is not allowed. Don't forget to think about the future. Will you be buying a boat in 3 years? Also, any easements?

Community Access
The lot looks good, but can you get in and out of the subdivision during peak traffic?

This is a small list of considerations. If you are not familiar with lot selection be sure to consult your Idaho Home Builder or an Idaho Realtor who understands new construction.

Dream big in 2024.

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