Buying a home based on the price per square foot

A builder was promoting an obscenely low price per square foot. The question I have is not what is included in the price, but what is not included. That is what you really should want to know.

Before you get excited about the great deal you found and go brag to your neighbor that you found a better deal than him you had better read the fine print. What may seem to be a great deal at first may come with some surprises. The first question I would ask myself is what quality am I going to get and what exactly am I not going to get? Back in the early 2000s, Air Conditioning was an upgrade for some new homes.

Obviously, this is a business and assumably they are trying to make a profit. That would tell me that the builder is going to either try to make the money on upgrades or is cutting every corner to save on costs. As I have mentioned before, the home builder must at least meet code but if you are getting a home that is cheap, you will probably get what you pay for. Nobody wants to be the person that ends up with something uncomfortable and unattractive. Also, in 10 years you don't want to have to start replacing big ticket items like new siding, roof, or carpet. The cost per square foot DOES Matter!

So there is my consumer awareness post for the day. If your builder is selling lowest price per square foot, you better find out what you are NOT getting.

Dream big in 2024!

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