Custom Dog Houses in Boise

So many people in Boise and the Treasure Valley own dogs.

In 2022, Boise ranked as the Number 3 Dog-Friendly Vacation City in America by We all knew Boise was super dog-friendly before that, but we appreciate the recognition. As such, we, as a real estate team, have seen more and more people listing dog-friendly factors when buying a home. These include a big backyard, dog parks in or near the subdivision, access to hiking trails, and close proximity to veterinarians.



To that end, Build Idaho is announcing our partnership with home builder Dwellings Of Greatness to bring our customers an even better real estate experience for, literally, everyone in the home. Once you purchase a home, you will get a free consultation with their team of designers and architects to design and build a home for your pup.

Dwellings Of Greatness has ready-made floorplans and layouts that can be built in a matter of days. They also have semi-custom floorplans where you pick designs and features and put them into ready-made designs. But the most popular feature is the fully-custom option.

Much like when people build a custom home, there is a design phase where you get to create your own floor plan, room layout, amenities, finishes, and architecture. Dwellings Of Greatness lets you do that for your pets!

Pup-ular design choices are:

  • Matching exteriors for your home
  • Heated floors
  • Memory foam beds with Ugg-brand blankets and pillows
  • Metal, concrete, or stone fountains for fresh drinking water
  • Trophy cases for tennis balls, sticks, and obedience school diplomas

What’s even better is that dog houses (no matter the opulence) are not considered ADUs, so zoning laws don't apply. It’s no different than buying a shed at Home Depot and putting it in your backyard!

We have already tested the concept to great success. Here is what some of our customers are already saying about their finished homes:

Tilly: My owners loved working with the Build Idaho team! The heated flooring is my favorite because I can dry off and warm up after going for a swim! Tilly picture:

Medji: I run back and forth across the backyard all day telling the neighbors and squirrels about how much I love my home! Thanks Build Idaho!

Bear: My favorite things about my dog house are the trophy case that holds my dog school diploma and my cozy memory foam bed that I nap in after running around in the yard.

Scout: Thank you so much to the Build Idaho team! The dog house is perfect to nap in and also jump off of when I have a ton of energy. I give Build Idaho two paws up!

The Build Idaho team works hard to provide the best real estate experience possible. And, thanks to working with Dwellings Of Greatness, we can finally provide personalized service to you and your pets. When asked for comment about when more people will be able to build houses for their dogs, Build Idaho founder, Trey Langford, answered. “On April Fool’s Day of course!”

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