Design Choices to Avoid to Sell Your Home in Idaho

If you are considering putting your house on the market, making some slight updates is in your favor. However, there is a big difference between redecorating for your own pleasure and making changes that will help your home sell. That said, if you plan on selling your home anytime soon, consider redecorating with that purpose in mind. While ‘watering’ down your style might be hard in the moment, it can significantly impact the sale of your home, both in the time it takes to sell and the price you’re able to sell for in the end. 

  1. Less is More -- Sort Of.  After putting your home on the market, you’ll likely hear that you need to depersonalize the space. While that is important advice, don’t take it overboard. You should remove most of the toys from your child’s room, but leave a few specific stuffed animals or toys to add character and give any potential buyers an idea of how to possibly utilize that space themselves. The same goes for common spaces like the kitchen or a living room. Removing any personal items, like family photos, from the space, but keeping items like cozy blankets, or a few books on the coffee table can help potential buyers see themselves living in that room. Less Is More

  2. Don’t Ignore the Small Spaces.  The focus on updates or redecorating can be on the larger areas in your house but don’t forget the smaller spaces. Areas like the bathrooms, walk-in closets, or even nooks can be overlooked. Make sure those areas fit the aesthetics of the rest of the house and aren’t forgotten. For instance, if you’ve repainted your home a neutral color, don’t forget to carry that color into the bathroom and closets. If your bedroom is beige, or grey, but your bathroom is bright blue, it can make the home feel disjointed. Add a few wall decorations, rugs, or vases to these quaint spaces to let potential buyers know that those spaces, no matter how small, are still important and have potential.small spaces
  3. Built-Ins.  Adding built-ins can seemingly be a space-saving hack, but they can also make it harder to sell your house down the road. The more items you have in your home that cannot be removed, the more it limits those areas for future use. For example, what if you have a built-in desk for your office but the next owner wants to use the space as a home gym or a nursery? That can be a costly and time-consuming home project for the new owners to undertake, and that desk might be the thing that convinces them to go with another house that won’t require that renovation. 

  4. Pools Might Seem Fun to You.  During those hot summer months, you might be convinced that installing a pool on your property is just the thing you need. They’re a great way to cool down and keep children occupied during summer vacation. That said, unfortunately, pools can become dangerous and troublesome. A lot of maintenance goes into keeping a pool functioning, and that maintenance can be expensive. If a possible buyer doesn’t want the hassle of a pool, it may deter them from the property overall as removing a pool is also an expensive process. swimming pool

  5. Falling for the All White Room. As we stated above, painting your home a neutral color during the selling process is often encouraged, but some color is still good. Having white walls, or white furniture is one thing, and can make a room feel airy and clean. But, leave it there, because if everything from the pillows to the flowers on the end table are stark white it can make a space look clinical and cold. So, consider adding in a few colorful pillows, or work in shades of neutral colors, like shades of grey or beige, rather than just all white.white-room

  6. Natural Light is Your Friend.  While the number of doors and windows in your house isn’t necessarily up to you, ensure that the windows you do have aren’t blocked during the showings. Remove any heavy curtains or blinds as these darken a room and can make a space seem smaller. Having unobstructed windows and doors can also make for great listing photos, so put those curtains away for now.Natural Light


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