Every Home Builder says they are the best

I have yet to meet an Idaho builder who does not believe they are the best. Of course, they should and would not be in business if they did not believe that.

The problem is that too many times they do not know what they are the best at or believe it is everything. Most will tell you they can build any home. Anyone can buy granite countertops and molding but truly custom homes are much more. Anyone can buy cheap lots but that does not make them the best builder for entry level homes or first time home buyers. One truly admirable aspect is people who know what they are the best at and their niche. It also adds credibility when they do not look at anything outside of that.

One way to find out if your builder is the best choice is to find out what types of homes they build before you tell the builder what you are looking for. The builder who closely defines himself to your needs naturally, meaning he does not necessarily tailor the sales pitch to you, is someone worth investigating further. If they naturally like to build the type of home you are looking for also means they will not only be comfortable doing it but also have the right experience.

Here are some examples. What if you want a home with a basement? Basements are something you do not just add on a whim. What if you want something that has historical tastes? Are you interested in green or ENERGY STAR? The small difference here could be technical. Any builder can add more insulation but do they truly know how to build it from a technical aspect to be naturally more efficient? Have they been certified or trained? Another could be, designing a home for someone physically or mentally challenged. What about someone getting older? Do they understand Again in Place and what about universal design? Are you near the river or nature and want to preserve that essence?

You have a vision for your home. Finding a credible builder is not easy but you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars possibly. Don't hook up with some just because they say they are 'great in bed?' If you would like our expertise, please get in touch with us. We have worked with numerous builders and share our experience with clients to help them get the homes they are expecting.

Trey Langford

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