Fun Outdoor Activities to do in the Spring Near Boise, Idaho

Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is out for more hours of the day, it is time to get out and enjoy that sunshine. Build Idaho's founder, Trey Langford, made a short video talking about 5 places to visit around Boise that are fun, affordable, and (most importantly) fun for everybody. Take a look.

1) Upper Hulls Gulch - Follow 8th Street into the foothills. Beautiful hike following a creek up to spring.
2) Cleo's Ferry Landing and Nature Walk - an electrical historical walk with peaceful, positive overtones and an enduring sense of whimsy along the Snake River.
3) Bruneau Sand Dunes - Make sure you stay up late to check out the Observatory and look at the stars through amazing telescopes.
4) Celebration Park along the Snake River - Make sure you walk across the bridge and access the trails.
5) Givens Hot Springs - Wonderful place to relax and soak in the beautiful southern Idaho scenery up the road from Cleo's Ferry Landing

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