Garden City is growing a positive image!

Garden City had a colorful past, and at times, a questionable future—but Garden City has always had one thing on its side: location, location, location.

Garden City White Water Park

Garden City has worked hard, especially over the past decade, to overcome its reputation for being a haven for run-down trailer parks and other unsavory sites. There’s been a concerted effort to encourage developers, businesses, and those shopping for a new home to take a chance off Chinden Boulevard.

Those risks are now paying off. Vacant acreage just 15 years ago is now a multi-million dollar development called the Waterfront District. As the name suggests, it sits right on the Boise River with views of downtown and the foothills. It is also home to Esther Simplot Park and Whitewater Park.

Garden City's landscape is changing and community pride is growing. There was a stigma with Garden City, but more community involvement is really helping to change a lot of the stigma. People are now putting Garden City on their return addresses.

Garden City has several relatively new businesses calling it home as well. The city still has challenges to overcome, including an unusually high concentration of pretty sketchy residential areas, but Garden City's potential is finally being realized.

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