Home Lighting Suggestions

The kind of lighting fixture you choose to opt for tells a lot about your home. Lighting is one of those features in a home that does not get noticed unless it is awesome, looks really cheap or just plain bad. Lighting is also one of the last purchases for a home so most people are over budget and try to skimp on lights.

One type of lighting that you don't see a lot of is low-voltage lighting. Generally more expensive but creates better light and there are some incredible lighting fixtures available.

If you need lights there are several places locally that you can go to to get ideas. Home Depot and Lowes have their own departments plus there are several lighting stores in town. Builders Lighting has the largest showroom but if you don't need service (meaning someone who gets lighting or has an interior decorator eye) check out Grovers. They offer the best prices from my experience.

Don't forget to budget for energy-efficient bulbs!

Trey Langford

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