House pet peeves

Here are some things I have noticed about houses that can be very annoying. 

Recently I have been studying houses and how they look from the exterior and here are some consistencies I noticed.

  1. Is your home all garage? One of the things people will look back and notice about today's homes is how prevalent the garage is. Nearly every home from the street is 1/3 to almost 3/4 garage, based on what you can see of the home from the front. Now that you have read this you will notice too. One solution is what are called alley-load homes. The owner enters on an alley street in the back of the home to access the garage.
  2. The main tree in the front yard is situated right in front of the main window of the house. While that makes sense, if you are trying to get a photo of your house the tree hides its beauty entirely.
  3. The garage is not wide enough. Ever noticed how many garages are wide enough for two cars and two cars only? Plan ahead and add enough feet so you can easily park two cars and open the doors. Additionally, if you intend to have bikes, mowers, toys and other stuff accessed from the garage, make sure the bays are long enough so the cars can pull forward and you can get things out.
  4. Plenty of plugins and internet access for the yard and garage.
  5. We live in the desert. The roof and attic are the hottest parts of the home. Make sure it is well-vented. 
  6. Make sure your house faces the right direction. If your main room faces the sun from 4pm on in the summer, that room will not be much fun.

Plan ahead and do your homework. Buying a home is a great thing but it is not something you just jump into.

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