How confident are you at home design?

Discovering your style is quite possibly the most difficult and important task a homeowner will undertake. Interior Design is a science, more than anything, one of psychology. A person has to be willing to venture into self-discovery to make the investment worthy of their tastes and expectations. Here is the first step in the right direction.

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Home Design: How Confident Are You?

The interior designer is a problem solver, artist, and emotional guide for other people. They lend their natural abilities of spatial awareness, design elements, and creative problem-solving to mold an architectural structure into the purposeful occupancy it needs to be. I am convinced that these attributes have levels of potential within all of us. It begs the question: How confident are you? -- In your ability to learn about yourself, -- In your understanding of how it all “works”, --In your desire to try?

Home Design begs the question: As a source of shelter, relationship, structure, and intimacy, what are your expectations of your home?

Once a person can find the deepest, most honest answers to those questions, there are abundant resources to guide you on your quest to discover what makes your home your castle.

You must begin with “The Dream”! Find pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Begin by looking through catalogs, magazines, and the web including HOUZZ. Create a collection of pictures of rooms that you are extremely attracted to. Now, ask yourself what you expect out of your home and what it is about each image that fits within your expectations. As you complete that process you will be well on your way!

Remember, learning about your style is a process and hopefully, it is always a changing one. Just for fun, visit to take the "style quiz" and play along with the psychology of it all.

 Apparently, I am a “Classic”. I am drawn to timeless shapes and colors that never go out of style.  I like my patterns crisp, and my buildings traditional.  I enjoy well-crafted furniture that will look as gorgeous in 10 years as it does today.  

While the test is anything but scientific, discovering yourself and your style should be playful. So… What’s your style? 

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