How to Get the Best Price On A New Home

This weekend, when you are with family and best friends and having a great time together, suggest to them it could be like that all the time! What if you could live closer to each other? What if your kids could play together all the time? What if you and your family and/or friends bought homes in the same subdivision at the same time.

Contact us to help you locate a subdivision everyone loves and work with a  builder to take down at least two lots. Now you have BUYING POWER! Our team can help you negotiate the best price while your families select a floor plan and finishes as you prepare to move. We can also help you sell your current home and work with you on a closing date so you can buy and sell simultaneously. 

If you don't have family interested, keep your eye on a subdivision you like and meet someone who wants to move there as well and join forces. This is Home Buying Power!

Everybody is looking for great ideas and even better deals. That is mine for today, bet it works! If you do it, let me know how much you saved.

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