How to save money when buying a home

Check out these great ideas that will help reduce the cost of your next home.

  1. Reduce the square footage. Did you know that the average size of a home in 1900 was only 900 sqft? Today, the average home is about 2,000 sqft. How much room do you really need, and remember the bigger it is the more energy it takes to heat and cool, as well as clean.
  2. Make it a two-story. By reducing the sqft of roof and foundation you can also reduce the costs to build it.
  3. Upgades. Most people grew up in a home with linoleum floors and either wood or laminate countertops. This will allow you to also update the look of your home in a few years.
  4. Do some painting yourself. While the cost-benefit of hiring a professional is advantageous, you may want to do some rooms yourself.
  5. Window coverings. This is another area you can upgrade at a later date and if you are comfortable being your own carpenter many brands are easily installed.
  6. Which appliances to buy? Spend the money and join Consumer Reports to research which products are actually tested to be a better value and higher quality.
  7. Hire a professional. Doing it yourself could save you money if everything goes right the first time.
  8. Stick to your budget. Going over the budget here and there adds up fast.
  9. Spend the money where it counts. Creating a master retreat is a wonderful way to relax in your home, but remember no one is going to see it but you?

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