Ideas for Bathroom Flair

Small changes in your bathroom can make a big difference in refreshing the busiest room in the house. Focus on the details, and you'll be able to customize this space - making it more stylish, while reflecting your personal taste.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point is the centerpiece of a room, drawing the eyes in and creating interest. But if your bath is like most, your focal point is probably the large plate-glass mirror that was installed when you built your home or purchased it.

New mirrorscapes/ mirror frames can change that, allowing anyone to easily and affordably frame their plate-glass mirror and transform it with a beautiful new look.

Mirrorscape collections range in style from classic elegance to modern sophistication. Plus, the frames come in a wide variety of metallic and wood finishes designed to coordinate with faucets or bath accessories, cabinetry, and trim. A paintable version is also available for your own custom look. The best part is no angled miter cuts are required when installing it.

Shine Some Light on the Scene

Complement your newly framed mirror with a thoughtful lighting scheme. Properly positioned light fixtures offer warmth and enhance the space even more. Consider decorative sconces that provide distinctive lighting around the vanity and mirror, while adding personality to the room.

Vanities with Flair

These days, vanities are available in endless options to suit any taste or décor. Looking for the latest trend? Find a vanity that resembles a piece of furniture. Designers will often use a chest of drawers, table, or console and adapt the back and top to accommodate plumbing. Whether the style is formal, vintage, mission, or any other style, using a converted piece of furniture will give you a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Impact Imports is the pick of the week for any furniture pieces you might need. The trip out to their showroom is worth the effort!

Homeowners can also add design interest to the bathroom vanity with eye-catching sinks and faucets. For the finishing touch, consider adding crisp linens, luxurious soaps and a small vase of fresh flowers to make the space more personal and inviting. It's that attention to detail that will add drama and flair to your bath - transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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