If You Have Kids, Consider These 4 Factors When Buying A Home

kids swimming in a pool near the Bosie foothills. Photo by Build Idaho

If you have kids, they are one of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a new home (if not the number one factor). Whether you need another bedroom or more space to play, there are plenty of reasons to consider the needs of your children when deciding to move. Even if you don't have kids, your neighbor’s kids can have an influence on where you live (in a very positive way).


The biggest consideration when deciding where to live, and ultimately where to buy a house, is the nearby schools. Whether or not you have kids or plan to have kids, schools play an important role in the value of the neighborhood and the homes in it. The better the schools perform, the better the home values are. The two school districts in the Boise area are the Boise Independent School District and the West Ada School District. In addition, here is a feeder chart of the schools in the Boise School District.

All of the schools in the Boise area are highly rated and students perform well on standardized tests. There are also a number of private and charter schools. Always double-check that the area you want to live in is within the boundaries of the schools you want. Sometimes, the homes across the street or in the subdivision next door are in a different school zone.

Floor Plan

Make sure the floor plan and layout of the house suit both your needs and the needs of your kids. Especially during the time of virtual schooling and working from home thanks to COVID-19, take time to consider the availability of an extra bedroom, or home office for work or school. If these options aren’t available, think about how the kitchen table or dining room will work. For after work and school, consider the front and back yards, for getting some exercise and fresh air.


Neighborhood private parks and pools are always a selling point for subdivisions since they allow for everyone to enjoy the awesome Idaho weather. Nearby lakes, the Boise River, Boise Greenbelt, city and state parks, and the foothills are also free and easily accessible from anywhere in the Treasure Valley. Did you know that Meridian alone has 21 city parks? The City of Boise maintains 109 parks. Boise and the Treasure Valley also have many dedicated sports facilities for multiple city league youth and adult sports to play year-round.


One of Boise’s crowning achievements is its safety. It has been ranked among the top safest cities in the nation many times (among its numerous appearances atop “Best Places to Live” lists). Residents of Treasure Valley cities love the walkability and bike-ability of the cities and are comfortable being outside and in the city at all times of the day. Ask anyone here what their favorite things about the area are, and safety will definitely be at the top alongside the nature access and friendly people.

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