Instant Curb Appeal with Stone Veneers

Stone Veneer is incredibly popular in our area. You see it everywhere you look in the Treasure Valley. It is applied inside and outside of homes, businesses, subdivision entryways, and signage, as well as in landscaping applications. Such applications would include retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, and pools.
Because there are almost as many stone profiles to choose from as paint colors, knowing some basic information and the first steps towards deciding which one fits you best, will help.
A good first step would be to grab your camera and hit the road. Drive through communities and look for existing homes with stone on them that may have similar characteristics to the home you are designing. Also, look for homes that immediately catch your eye because of the profile of the stone.
Some of the most common stone profiles include:
  • Fieldstone (Large, flat irregularly shaped stone, usually with a mortar joint)
  • Ledgestone or Stackstone (Smaller, stacked stone that is dry stacked or has no mortar joint)
  • Villa Stone (A mix of both fieldstone and Ledgestone that can be dry stacked or jointed)
  • Thin or Regular sized brick (can be a manufactured brick or made with clay)
Once you find a home that has a stone you like, take a picture and send it or take it to a local stone supplier to get a sample board and more information. A sample board will be useful to match your trim colors, siding or stucco.
Another option to think about is if you would prefer natural or manufactured stone or brick. Don’t be afraid to go natural. There are natural stone products that are competitive in pricing to manufactured stone and they have a lifetime warranty. The benefits of using a manufactured stone include greater variety in profile and color, lighter weight, price effectiveness, and availability, and the majority of it looks just like natural stone.
Good references to talk to about stone choices would include your builder, your mason, and a good stone supplier.
A good stone supplier should be able to talk to you about the differences in profiles, be able to match the profile and color you are interested in, help with design ideas, and be able to provide you with answers to all of your questions.
Stone Veneer can easily create beautiful curb appeal and will turn an average house into a customized and extraordinary home.

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