Is your custom home builder a perfectionist?

The difference between good enough and perfect is not a grey area.

I have been studying what makes a builder credible for years now and I have discovered another trait that great builders have that is critical to the quality of your home. Perfectionism: a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less.

So what does perfectionism mean to a new home? It is more than "straight lines." It is the never ending pursuit to make a home better. Sure perfectionism includes a keen eye for detail but a truly perfectionist builder is also looking to improve his quality and build it better next time.

How can you tell if a builder is a perfectionist?

Walk a home that is in the final stages and look for those blue pieces of tape, the punch list and other signs that the builder or, at least, superintendent is whatching the quality of the current home they are building.

Ask the builder what improvements they have made to their home building process in the last year. What you want to hear is progress in quality and design through innovation. Changing sub-contractors is not improving the home, necessarily. Changing the process of how the subs work or the design of a house may be a good indicator that your builder is seeking perfectionism.

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