Make your NEW home more energy efficient by getting the right upgrades

Energy upgrades are critical during construction to save you money on utility bills and increase the comfort of a great home. Building upgrades into your home during construction is also, many times, less expensive than retrofitting.

Solar Light Tubes -
If you love natural light then add solar tubes to a kitchen or a family room or any other darker area of your home; this will really lighten and brighten up your living space. Solar lights, once installed, bring sunlight into your home saving you the need to turn on lights. Solar Tubes run about $700 per drop. If you are building a 2-story home you MUST plan these at the build stage as retrofitting will not be cost-effective.

Whole house Radiant Barriers -
These go under the brick veneer and 2nd-floor cement siding. If this is not added during construction you will forgo ever having this cost-effective energy efficient feature on your home. The Radiant Barrier works by reflecting over 99% of heat carrying infrared radiation away from your exterior walls. Your home's exterior walls are where a lot of cooling efficiency is lost. When barriers reflect heat-producing radiation from your home's exterior walls your insulation becomes more effective and your AC System works less to maintain a comfortable environment. In fact most homes that have whole-house radiant barriers need to have their AC Systems "tonnage" downsized to prevent short cycling. Smaller AC Systems cost less!

Radiant Wall Barriers for Winter Efficiency Too! - 
In the Winter Radiant Barriers will also provide an effective radiant barrier against heat loss through infrared radiation transmission from your home's exterior walls.  Most homes can be wrapped for $1000 to $2000 depending upon the size of your home. Many foil barriers carry a lifetime warranty and can be purchased with tiny perforations that allow the wall to breathe so as to prevent possible moisture or mold problems.

Adding Attic Radiant Barriers -
These include barriers other than foil that are glued to the inside of your new home's roof decking. Proper placement of Radiant Barriers is critical for achieving maximum living space comfort and efficiency benefit.

Whole House Perforated Cement Soffits for Increased Attic Ventilation -
ARG can show you what to look for. If your attic is uncomfortably hot, then your AC System is operating under overly harsh conditions, which means your AC System must run longer to overcome duct losses. Attic ventilation is the most critical parameter to control and is critical to maintaining interior comfort and lower utility bills.

Adding Additional Roof Vents Using Turbines and Ridge Venting -
Attic airflow is critical to achieving a cooler attic. A cooler attic means your AC System works in a cooler environment and heat absorption into your home from a hot attic is lessened.

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