Real Estate Investing is not for everyone

The simple truth is, all real estate investing involves a certain amount of risk and is not for everyone.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Investors

Because of this, all of Boise's Real Estate investors must meet certain criteria to qualify as an investor. At a minimum, this involves a one-on-one meeting with the investor to determine their goals and objectives and to ensure they know why they are investing (more on that below).

This crucial meeting helps all of us determine whether or not we can work well together. It is imperative that all of our investors share our commitment to acting with a high level of integrity in every transaction. A basic comfort level needs to be present as well. Sometimes we are not a good fit, they know it and we know it. Don't expect us to shove our services down your throat.

Secondly, we want all of our investors to be learning-based and goal-oriented. We are strong believers in education; every project will be a learning experience. None of us know it all and we all have great things to offer each other. We've learned a lot from our clients over the years.

We also believe that successful investors will be goal-oriented. If investors have goals and they have shared their goals with others (e.g. an accountability partner, close friend, or spouse), the success rate of meeting these goals is much higher.

Finally, we believe that our investors must have a firm grasp on why they are buying a particular property and not just buying "because my Realtor told me it was a good deal." Based on that belief, we spend a lot of time helping people understand the numbers and where they are derived from.

Though we cannot guarantee success in investing, we work hard to manage our clients' expectations, meet their needs, and minimize their risk. We have helped dozens of first-time and seasoned investors profit from wise and timely investments.

Only you can fully protect what is most important- your future. Do your due diligence and work with a great investment team to help guide you through the investment process. The good news is, it can be fun!


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