Reason #27 to work with a credible REALTOR

Real estate agents do not get paid until the deal is closed. If you are looking at working with a REALTOR, realize this- they don't get paid until the deal is finished and you own the home.

Why is that important? If you are going to build a custom home, they may not get paid for over six months or more! A truly professional real estate agent understands this and that it is part of the job as well as helping you while the home is under construction. You must be working with a successful REALTOR. Working with a new construction specialist is also advantageous. An inexperienced agent may take you to a move-in ready home or guide you to some places where they get paid the quickest. Desperate agents may want to make the quickest dollar.

Stay sharp, do your homework, network, and find a great agent! One story I heard recently was about an agent who took their client to a home that was $20k more than a duplicate nearby, just so they could get the additional commission rather than save the client money. At least that was how the story was told to me. Scary!

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