Redecorating a Bathroom with Dimes in Mind

It doesn't take a great deal of money to COMPLETELY change the room! See how changing specific focal pieces can truly make all of the difference!


Do you look through home design magazines or online interior design resources with envy, wishing you could create the same type of inspired looks featured on their glossy pages? Do you dream of what you would do to your home if you only had the budget?

Your resources may be limited, but your home décor doesn't have to reflect that. Here are some ways you can stretch your decorating dollars to make your home look like a million bucks - even if you spend significantly less.

Choose a Centerpiece

Home décor websites often feature rooms with a creative centerpiece - a great fixture, dramatic lighting or original artwork that creates a bold, dramatic statement at the center of the room. Create your own bold statement on a budget with some fabulously frugal items.

When prettying up your powder room, look no further than the faucet as your pièce de résistance. The faucet is the most used - and therefore most noticed - item in this room. To create an attractive and affordable centerpiece at the sink, install a faucet that will help you save money now and for years to come, like Fusions.

These faucets are quality faucets with Ceramic Disc Technology that will ensure years of beauty and function. Best of all, all Fusion faucets will help keep the water bills down, thanks to their flow-optimized aerators. These aerators are certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense® criteria, using up to 32 percent less water without sacrificing great performance.

Supporting Accents

Once you choose your room's focal point, move on to its supporting details. Bath Hardware in a matching finish and style will go a long way to create a picture perfect setting. Look for coordinating - but not identical - patterns and hues, in towels or accessories to look pulled together without overdoing it. Add a simple curtain to pull the look together and give your room some warmth - you can find some great options at your nearest department store for less than $50.

If you think you don't have the money to redecorate, think again. By using the tips above, you can give your room a designer touch without paying the price for designer items.

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