Response to a Potential Seller

This morning I was responding to a client who is looking to sell their home in about 4 months. They were looping me into an email as an introduction to their lender. The lender recommended that he would want to get started in 3 months.

Here was my response:

We know many clients have a plan to buy/sell in the future, then the perfect home comes up and all of sudden we are frantically trying to get the pre-approval letter and the house on the market. Do we need a 'just in case' plan or are we confident that we are sitting tight for the next 4 months?

I recommend preparing the house for sale now, making any necessary fixes & updates and decluttering to show your home in its best light. We should also plan a home inspection well in advance of getting the home on the market so that we can tend to any items that need to be addressed. This will help sell your home for top dollar and remove negotiating opportuinities from potential buyers.

Far too often, clients intend to sell at a future date and then they find the perfect home. The problem is that we are now scrambing on all fronts. As an agent we want to help our clients negotiate the best deal and show that we have a strong offer to the seller.

The seller is concerned with two things, getting paid and getting paid on time. While we can ask clients their intentions and explain the benefits of being prepared for the 'just in case' situation, if they think they are not ready and just window shopping, we  move forward. 

If they do find the perfect home and decide to make an offer, we are in a weak position. It does not take much time to get a pre-approval letter but a Pre-Underwritten letter from the lender is much stronger but takes time. Also, we have to tell the seller that to buy their home we need to sell one. That is not uncommon but we also need to provide confidence to the seller that we can get it sold when it is not even being marketed yet.

The Build Idaho Team can move pretty fast as we have an in-house team that will handle everything but we still need time to photograph the house, produce a virtual tour, get the drone in the air for some aerial photos and video. We also know that when we take the time to do it correctly, we get better results. 

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