Selecting a builder is not easy

Spotlight is put on several Idaho Builders today who made bad decisions.

In September 2008 in the Idaho Statesman, several Idaho Builders were mentioned, and the lawsuits against them. I had a personal experience with one of them that, I won't mention. It just amazes me how a guy with a reputation that I found out about 7 years ago continues to do bad work for people and can still do business in the area.

Here's the headline- DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Boise is still a small town and if there is only six degrees of separation between people, it should be less than half locally. I believe that most of these builders just made bad decisions. Not only do you have to do your homework up front- ask for referrals, ask realtors, ask title companies, ask subcontractors, ask for a statement from the bank regarding the solvency or lack of. You have to stay engaged.

One recent story I experienced. A person called because they were having problems with their builder but felt like they were in a corner. If they called him out it would kill the relationship that was left. If they went public, they worried they would put him out of business and that would not solve their problem either. Quite the dilemma.

What can you learn from this? Credibility is everything but you have to stay engaged and watch your money. There are new companies that are credible and ambitious and there are 3rd generation companies that have a history and established foundation. Both are credible and should be considered but there are also frauds out there.

Throughout the site, there are tips that we share from our experience and research. I believe in everyone I do business with so if you have questions you are welcome to call me. Even if you have questions about the builders you are considering. Now that I say that, that may be a great reference- asking a builder their opinion as a reference of another builder. It is interesting what builders think of each other.

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